Friends Jeeps Page #3        
Jeepchasm visitors have asked for more photos of their vintage Jeeps in the "friends" section.
We paid for a little more web-space, so send us your stories and photos!
"The Duke"
Bob Boxley's Beauty
We at the Jeepchasm are admittedly fond of yellow Jeeps. We took this photo on June 9th
after installing the
Beachwood Canvas soft top on Bob's CJ3A. Yes, this is the Hummer
Yellow 3A that was featured on the CJ3A Page as Jonathan George worked his magic. We
have been fortunate to participate in the tear down phase of the resto... and now we get to
come back and add the "icing on the cake!"
Thanks Bob for sharing the fun with us!
"Rocketeer's" 1950 CJ3A
(Yes, it really is a 3A!)
David Carrasco sent us this
photo of his Willys, known in the
Phoenix, Arizona area as
"The Duke."

David is a member of the
American Legion Post #41 Honor

David and "The Duke" are often
seen at local ceremonies and

The Jeepchasm salutes the men
and women that have served in
our armed forces and those who
are currently serving! If you
know of a service member with
a Willys Jeep, tell them to send
us their photo!
Some of you may know Larry as "Rocketeer" from the CJ3A Page. He
confirms that this "is really a CJ3A" that he has spent the last 3
years patching together. Larry states that there are at least 37
patches or patch panels on this Jeep. He used mostly panels from
MB's (obviously) to make this beauty whole again. The 3A is
nicknamed "Frances" after Frances Langford who was popular in
the WW-2 era
The "Willys" name has become associated with Jeeps over the years, so much so,
that many folks don't realize that they made other vehicles!
We attended the 33rd Annual AACA Gettysburg Region Show recently at the Latimore Valley Fairground and Eastern Museum of
Motor Racing where we photographed  2 fine examples of 2 wheel drive passenger cars from the Willys family tree. We hope the
owners will send us an e-mail and give us a few more details!

Willys Overland

These photos are of a phaeton style convertible known as
a Jeepster. They were produced from 1948-50, although
some were still being sold in 1951. Willys realized that
there was a gap in their line-up of vehicles. After the
success of the CJ and the other 4WD utility vehicles, they
tried to capture a different market with the "VJ" as it was
known at Willys. The VJ had rear wheel drive and was
powered by the "go devil" 62 hp flat head four and a 3
speed transmission. (The Jeepster name was revived in
1966 with the advent of the Jeepster Commando.)
Philip Gibbs Does it Again!

One of our favorite "Jeep Mates" has
converted this CJ2A into an excellent
M-38 style Military Police Jeep.
If the name sounds familiar, it's because
Philip has had his military Jeep
restorations featured in the "friends
Jeeps" section, several times!

For all of you Willys Jeep folks in South
STAY TUNED! Philip is organizing a
Willys Jeep Gathering of his own.
We will post the details here as soon as we
get them, so be sure to check back!
Nov. 22, 2008
Bob Boxley installs a Husky tow
bar and brackets on his CJ3A. Yes,
that is Bob... actually drilling a hole
in his beloved Ol' Boy!
Steve Knight's M-38

This beautifully restored 1952 M-38
was photographed by our friend Bob
Boxley down in Wilmington, NC. We
don't know the story yet, but hope to
get you the details on our next trip
(Be sure to scroll from left to right as well as up and down!)
1952 Willys Overland M-38
"Turbo's Jeep"
Here are a couple of
pics of Greg
Turberville's project
Jeep. Greg says it is
'47 CJ2A underneath a
CJ3A body. Looks like
an M-38 windshield
there too!
Greg is going to
complete his project
similar to Earhart's CJ
that was previously
featured here.
Jenn's CJ2A
Here are some cell phone grabs of
a CJ2A "barn find!" We found this  
Jeep on a recent discovery mission
and were able to connect our
friend Jenn Watson with the seller.
This 2A is substantially complete
and already had an engine rebuild.
It has some rust in the usual
places, but is a great resto
Original steering wheel and seat
Original tailgate with
serial number on the
Original lights and original
front bumper. Looks like
Normandy Blue under that red!
This 2A came with an
aluminum half top and doors!