The photo below left shows the stock set-up. Everything was soaked with penetrating oil to help loosen up 13 years of rust. The photo below right shows the original
leaf spring removed from the shackle and frame mount. The sway bar is also disconnected in preparation for the addition of the quick disconnects. Jack stands were
used to safely support the weight of the Jeep while the floor jack was under the axle.
After some fighting with the stubborn bushings, brute strength and the impact wrench won out! The photo below left shows the new lift spring installed. Quite a
difference from the flat, worn out springs pictured at the top of the page! The photo below to the right shows the completed set-up on the passenger side. New shocks,
new U-bolts, new sway bar quick disconnects, and the new track bar relocation bracket are all clearly pictured.
The photo below left shows the lift installed with the stock rims and tires. The photo below right shows the set-up complete with 15" x 8" rims and 31" x 10.5 BFG All
Terrain tires. Measurements after the installation of the lift and and 31" tires showed that more than 5" in height were gained at the front and rear bumpers
Rausch Creek wheeling with the Keystone Krawlers in the beautiful PA mountains. The Rubicon Express
suspension lift and other minor modifications pass their first off-road test on 1-13-07!
(It should be snow in January but mud and slippery rocks were fun!)

No more commuting and now, no
more "Green" trails!

February 17, 2008 found our YJ on it's first trip
as the "
Trail Guide" for
PA Jeeps monthly club run at
Rausch Creek Off-Road Park!

After getting used to the feel of the
new set-up, this lightly modified YJ
was able to lead the group through a
variety of trails including some of the
"Blue" obstacles that would have been
impassable as a "stock" Jeep.
(pic to right)
Special thanks to Jamie of the Keystone Krawlers for educating me on this project!Thanks also to "Grumpy Bubba" for the garage time
and the kind words about Jeeps!
The Jeepchasm's  "YJ Page"...

We used a Rubicon Express 2.5" suspension lift kit. Heavy duty
Rubicon Express shocks were also added to replace the rotted
out OEM shocks. The photo below shows the difference
between the stock and R.E. lift springs.
March 2007

(Left) Time to install the new Olympic rear bumper with
corner guards and 2" receiver.

(Right) After 198,000+ miles, the original clutch went out.
Time for a new one, and new rear seal as well!
Think those rusty bolts were tight? Below left, Jamie gets his foot into it! Nothing that a little extra leverage won't cure! Below right is a shot of the left rear lift spring
installed. The sway bar was eventually removed as was the bracket in the photo. 2.5 degree shims were added to the rear to help correct the angle at the rear
differential, AND to help those beefy new shocks clear the axle housing!
Up Next: Warn M-8000 Winch & Optima Yellow Top!
Also: Warrior Products U-Bolt Skid Plates for the YJ!
The shot to the left shows the YJ on a "slippery slope", compliments of some rain and good 'ole Pennsylvania clay! The new R E set-up flexed real
nicely, but I had to hold it  for a pose with one wheel up in the air! The shot on the right shows a typical "green" trail at Rausch Creek. Plenty of rocks,
stumps, water holes and other obstacles to test out the new suspension and tires. The front sway bar was disconnected and the tires aired down to
20 lbs for this adventure. Thanks to the Krawlers for organizing, guiding, and spotting on this trip!
The '93 YJ gets lifted!
The "bone stock" 1993 YJ (below left) is retired from daily driving after 198,000+ miles and is getting ready to enjoy its' retirement by doing some
wheeling! This page has some of the before, during, and after pictures of the suspension lift installation.
2008 Rubicon
A brand new 2 door Rubicon
has joined the Jeepchasm
family. This new addition is
locked & loaded!

Within weeks of her arrival,
she was already hitting the
snow and ice covered "Blue"
trails at Rausch Creek.
Compared to our CJ's & YJ,
this is wheeling in comfort!
We were
very impressed
with this Rubi's ability to
tackle tough obstacles
without any modifications!
On the Beach in North Carolina!
In the Mountain Snow of Pennsylvania!
Gonna be doing some off-roading in your YJ?
Raise your suspension with a YJ lift kit!