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More CJ3A Restoration Photos...
Getting everything back in the correct
place is a challenge!

Note the placement of the gas tank
brackets and other crucial parts before
you get too far along. Test fit your
BEFORE you paint! I learned
this one the hard way when I had to
use a file to widen 4 out of 5 openings
that were slightly out of round... after
Glen had already painted the tub.
The CJ3A becomes whole again!
In the surrounding photos, you can see my 1951 CJ3A coming
back together. Original style welting was used between the
fenders and tub as well as on top of the grill. I restored the
headlight buckets, air cleaner, oil filter, and other small parts to
give the Willys a fresh new look under the hood.

The photo below shows the 3A when it was backed out of Glen's
shop (after 9 months) as a whole Jeep again!
The photo to the right shows some of the
smaller details that make things look sharp
under the hood. The drip rail at the hood
hinge is a restored original. Ever wonder
why your flat-head gets water on top?
Maybe your drip rail is gone! The repro.
wiring harness, decals, and the welting on
top of the grill are all commercially
April 2007 Update:  
I have finally obtained and restored an
original CJ3A fan shroud to mate up to my
original Harrison Radiator. I also obtained
and installed an original type PCV valve
and steel tubing to make my engine
compartment more complete! (See photo
to right.)
The Finished Product:
All of the fine details have been addressed: Lettering, footman loops, vintage 1951 license
plate, vintage Willys Dealer tag topper, vintage 1951 PA State inspection sticker, rear seat
installed, wooden hood blocks, windshield hold-down strap, lock-out hubs, NDCC tires, etc.
1951 Willys Overland Universal Jeep Model CJ3A
Finishing the
detail work!
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New Photo: April 11, 2007