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More Friends Jeeps!
Dave sent me pictures of 4 Jeeps in his "collection." I picked
his 1950 CJ3A to post here in the JeepChasm. Did I mention
that the 3A was
lifted? It has a suspension lift in addition to a
Spring Over Axle (SOA) lift! With a Buick V-6, this Flatty is
ready for some serious wheeling!
Fellow PA Jeeps Club Member Mark Earhart
sent several photos of this beautiful, lightly
modified, CJ2A to Jeepchasm.com.
Nice looking rig Mark!
See this CJ in J-rations Standard Issue #9!
Quite a while ago, Brad sent us pics of his red CJ3B
(above) from Washington State. We just don't see that
many 3B's or hear from their owners, so we were pretty
psyched when he sent us updated photos, with even more
modifications! Brad stated that he "was tired of breaking
axles..." so he made some more mods to his already
awesome Jeep!

Brad's 1954 CJ3B boasts an even longer list of
modifications and extras, making it an extremely capable
off-road vehicle! Powered by a Buick Odd Fire 225, this
classic Willys is capable of handling tough terrain without
sacrificing its' good looks!

Thanks for sharing pics with us Brad!
Philip Gibbs from
South Africa has been
bitten by the Jeep Bug!
He collects and restores
"Armour & Military Vehicles".
We received a number of photos
of his collection and chose these
2 shots of his Jeeps ready for
combat and ready for some R&R.
Thanks for sharing your photos
and stories!

(New Pic from Airshow) --->
Paul Dunn from North Carolina sent in a number of pictures of his beautiful
CJ2A honoring our POW's & MIA's. This rolling tribute should make all of us
pause for a moment, particularly as we read the tailgate "Freedom Isn't Free."
The Jeepchasm salutes the men & women who have served in the
U.S. armed forces and those who are currently serving!
Jonathan George's CJ3A:
Jonathan sent me this picture of "Eugene" to share with
JeepChasm visitors. This beautifully restored CJ3A graces
the pages of The CJ3A Page and was an inspiration to me
throughout my CJ3A restoration!
Thanks again Jonathan!
(Jonathan recently sold this 3A to a collector in Germany)
Dave Donat's CJ3A
Ingo Federhenn-Vortherms
and his awesome 1945 MB

Some Jeepchasm visitors may already recognize this MB
from the G503 Forum. Ingo lives in Germany and proudly
participates in WW2 related activities, including driving his
faithfully restored MB on movie sets, as well as on Omaha
beach (below). He has participated in the D-Day
celebrations at Normandy in 2004 & 2008.

Ingo acquired his Willys MB in 2003 and restored it
together with his Father In Law.

Congratulations on your 1st Class restoration!  

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Brad Hoyt's Impressive 1954 CJ3B
Yianni Garcia's Greek Beauty

Yianni lives on the Island of Crete
and has shared photos of his
beautifully restored 1952 M-38.
This Jeep was donated to the Greek
government after it was retired from
service as the U.S. Base
Commander's personal vehicle.
Yianni spotted the M-38 abandoned
near Athens and ultimately, his
dream became a reality!
Yianni has found a great resource for
surplus Jeep and military parts in a
local scrap dealer. (We wish we were
a bit closer to that parts supply!)
Great restoration Yianni!