Tops & Seats... is proud to announce that Beachwood Canvas
Works is its' newest sponsor!

Beachwood Canvas is known to many folks restoring and preserving vintage military vehicles for their quality
canvas products and parts, but did you know that they make high quality tops, top bows, and seats for vintage
civilian vehicles too?

We used quality Beachwood Canvas Works vinyl seats for the 1951 CJ3A restoration featured on this website!
(After 3 years of use, these very same seats look as good as the day they were installed, which is a testament to the quality of
materials and craftsmanship!)

We recently were invited to North Carolina to install Beachwood Canvas top bows and canvas top on Bob
Boxley's beautiful CJ3A. Take a look at the photo below!

Beachwood Canvas Works tops, top bows and seats are all proudly made right here in the
The photo to the right shows Bob's
CJ3A with Beachwood top bows and
canvas top in "summer mode!" With
the doors and side curtains removed,
passengers are protected from the sun
and sudden downpours. The top bows
and support rods in this set-up install
in minutes and can be done by one

The top bows come unfinished so that
you can paint or powder coat them to
fit your needs. (Early CJ2A's and CJ3A's
were generally painted black. Some
later CJ's like the CJ3B were painted a
dark green.) The set-up pictured to the
right was installed in less than 1 hour.
It went on easy and fit like a glove!
(Be sure that the track at the top of
your windshield is not bent from your
hood blocks or otherwise obstructed
so that the top slides freely through
the track!)
(Click on the header above to go directly to Beachwood's website!)
Beachwood Canvas Works has seats for
your vintage Civilian Jeep!

Jeepchasm's very own 1951 CJ3A (pictured left & below)
has sported Beachwood seats since her restoration 4
years ago. (These seat coverings and cushions are
custom made in a variety of colors, in both vinyl and
canvas.) Our Jeep has gone topless for 4 years and
these seats look as good as the day we installed them!

Beachwood's detailed instructions made it easy for us to
install the seats with only basic hand tools and a pack of
large binder clips! Again, just like their tops, these are
sleek, form fitting seats, just like the originals.

Our CJ3A has been featured in magazines and won
numerous awards at car shows. We attribute some of
our success to the great looking Beachwood seats!
Click on the links at the top or bottom of
this page to see all of the products,
materials, and color options available for
your vehicle!
Beachwood Canvas Works carries numerous parts and supplies for your vintage
Civilian Jeep (and military vehicles too)!

Here are just a few of their items:
Engine Parts, Gears, Gaskets, Filters, Gas Tanks, Exhaust Systems, Electrical Components, Steering Components, Replacement
Body Tubs & Panels. They even carry the correct original color paints for your historically accurate restoration!

Click on the link to visit their website and see the thousands of parts and accessories available!
Special thanks to Bob Boxley in North Carolina for letting us participate in the installation of his Beachwood
Canvas Works top and for allowing us to photograph his Jeep!
Think you've seen this CJ3A before? Maybe you have, if you visited the official Jeep(R) website!
The 1951 CJ3A is featured in the Jeep Heritage Vehicle Lineup! Check it out...
With quality Beachwood Canvas Works products, your Jeep can look this good too!
Check out the quality of the stitching and seams on
these Beachwood Canvas Works seat covers!
The photo to the left shows a rear view of
our Beachwood Canvas Summer Top. Take
notice of the attention to detail and the neat
clean fit! (We have seen plenty of poorly
made, loose fitting CJ tops from other
manufacturers, which made the fit of this
Beachwood top all the more impressive!)

Folks with reproduction and replacement
tubs will need to be sure to get their
footman loops in the correct original
placement. Plenty of folks wonder what
those loops on the tail-gate are for. Here,
you can see that the web straps and
buckles are threaded through the footman
loops in order to tighten and secure the
rear of the top.
The quality craftsmanship and attention to
detail is clearly evident in all of the items
made by Beachwood Canvas Works!

(This pic was taken at the 14th Annual PA Jeep All
Breeds Jeep show in York, PA. Our CJ3A took the 1st
Place trophy in the Stock Pre-CJ5 Willys Class!)
Beachwood Canvas Works
The 4 photos above show the quality of the various
bends and welds in the USA made top bow set. We took
these shots before we painted the hardware black so
you could get a better perspective of the craftsmanship!
Need straps?
Beachwood Canvas makes matching
canvas straps for your vintage Willys
Jeep Vehicle! Stow your canvas and
top bows attractively and securely
with original style web straps. Don't
forget to get a matching windshield
tie down strap too!
Enough about tops, on to bottoms!  (seats)