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Mike Gardner's Maryland CJ2A
Check out this Willys work in progress!
Bob Boxley's Beauty:
Bob saw our CJ3A featured on and then contacted
us at the Jeepchasm to share photos and get resources for the restoration of
his 1951 CJ3A.

Bob's CJ3A was truly a "Diamond in the Rough."Bob states that the Jeep
once belonged to a coal mine in West Virginia and his father bought it from
them in 1955.

This Willys retained the majority of its' original, hard to find parts. Note the
original tail lights, all 3 seats with springs, hand operated passenger wiper,
lock-out hubs, and etc. It also has an early Ramsey winch!

Check out Bob's restoration on the CJ3A Page and take note of Jonathan
George's awesome handiwork!
Brazilian CJ3A
My friend Waldir in Sao Palo sent me this shot of his red 1952 CJ3A.
Waldir visited Pennsylvania and left with the old dashboard from my

That just goes to show you that you can never go too far in your
search for Willys Jeep parts!

Willys Overland Export Corporation used to ship numerous Universal
Jeeps to South America. They are very popular to this day in places
like Brazil and Columbia.
Check out Bob Westerman's 3 Vintage Jeeps!
Below is his current project, a rare CJ-V35. Top right is his 1952 CJ3A in Original
Stock Condition. Bottom right is his fully restored M-38. The M-38 and the CJ-V35 are
Military siblings of our beloved CJ3A's!

Want to help Bob with his CJ3A research?

Contact him through his website and help out
by answering some questions about your CJ3A!

His site is
loaded with valuable historic info. and is a great
resource to anyone restoring a Willys CJ3A!
Who says you can't do some hardcore wheeling
with a classic Jeep?

Ted Ziegler of PA Jeeps demonstrates the capability of his CJ8 Scrambler
on a challenging snow covered hill climb at Rausch Creek!
Lockers? Who needs Lockers?

Thanks for showing us how it's done Ted!
Tim Bramblett's North Georgia 3A
This 3A may be a DJ3A.
It has 56337 series ID#
and the DJ3A / CJ3B
style dashboard. But, it
also has 4wd like a CJ3A.
Tim will do some more
research to see if it's a
DJ on a CJ chassis.
Bob Boxley, Mike Hardesty, and Jonathan George talking "Jeep"
at the "Jeep Rescue" garage!
Photo from  The Great Willys
June 10, 2007

The photo to the right
is from when we
visited Bob and
helped "turn a
wrench" on his CJ3A.

Thanks again Bob, for
letting us participate
in your restoration!
NEWS: Bob partnered with Jonathan George of the CJ3A Page to
complete his restoration!
Check out the finished product at! (I love their choice
in colors!)
Bob chose "Hummer Yellow" for his CJ3A project.
Seems like yellow Jeeps get lots of attention!
Bob poses with his Ol' Boy after we just installed 6 volt wipers.
Next will be the installation of the canvas top & doors!
March 2008
Roberto Flores' new CJ3B!

Some CJ3A enthusiasts will recognize the name Roberto Flores.
His artwork is popular in Spain where he is an artist and
cartoonist. He owns a CJ3A and has dedicated much of his
artwork to our beloved Jeeps. We cannot wait to see what plans
Roberto has for this new CJ3B!
See his artwork at
Want to see your classic Jeep in the Friends Jeeps section? Send
us an e-mail and a couple good photos with a brief story about your
Jeep. We'll get in touch with you, and maybe your pics will grace
these pages!
The pic to the left shows
Mike's tub after he welded
in his new floor pans and
patch panels.

We hope to see this 2A at
the 3rd Annual Mason
Dixon Willys Jeep gathering
with a fresh coat of paint!

Lookin' good Mike!
Bob Kaden's Hawaiian Beauty!
This '54 CJ3B has spent its' entire life on Kauai. Bob is the 3rd owner. Bob and
his wife are enjoying driving around the island since his recent engine rebuild!
Thanks for sharing the photo and story Bob!
1954 CJ3B
Kim Rushing's 1960
Willys Wagon is in
need of a new home
and an owner willing to
finish the restoration!

If you are in the
Cleveland, MS area
and are interested,
send us an e-mail and
we will put you in touch
with Kim!