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More CJ3A Restoration Photos...
The photo to the left shows the
restored L-Head back on the
chassis ready for a test run. A
little gasoline in a quart jar was
all we needed.

The sound of that newly rebuilt
flat-head four was music to my
Body Work:
As shown on the first photo album page, my tub was a total loss! There was no choice other than a new tub. Glen
Sanders did a great job saving my hood, grill, and windshield frame. A new MD JUAN steel replacement tub was
ordered, and within a couple weeks I had a "jeep in a crate"... sort of!

The following pictures highlight
some of the steps in restoring the body. NOTE: If you get a new tub for your Willys,
plan on spending a lot of time aligning, measuring, shimming, re-aligning, drilling, and so on. Remember to measure
and measure again to be sure you have it right! Check the new tub for all of the missing hardware. It will be a shame
to find out the gas tank brackets have to be welded on... after you just painted everything!

Thanks to Bob Westerman for giving me some of the key measurements for various parts placement. With a wooden
floor in my original tub, there were no holes to use as a reference, and many parts had just rusted away!
The new tub arrives! I was very impressed with the
overall quality and accuracy of this reproduction tub. It
was accurate to within fractions of an inch!
Glen works on getting the proper placement of the seats
before I take them back home to finish restoring them.
The photo to the right shows
the classic 7 slot grill! After
the holes from those big ugly
surface mounted running
lights were welded, they were
skim coated with Bondo.
Some final sanding and it will
be ready for a fresh coat of
A fresh coat of Dodge "Viper Yellow" has these restored parts looking like new! (Yes, I know they are a
lot brighter than the original "Michigan Yellow", but I saved this Jeep and I picked the color I wanted!)
The new tub gets painted and clear
coated. Man that's bright! While
Glen worked on the painting in his
shop, I worked on restoring the
seats and more of the small parts in
my garage at home.
After sandblasting, my original high-back rear seat was primed
and painted black along with the 2 front seats. I ordered well
made, original style seat covers from
Beachwood Canvas and
installed them at home with original style hardware. These were a
perfect fit and surprisingly easy to install with a little time and
(See more on
Beachwood Canvas on the Tops & Seats Page!)
Original rear seats are hard to find in most
of the early CJ2A's and 3A's. I was lucky to
have my original high-back survive in
restorable condition!